The New Student Perspective: Orientation and the first days of School

Written by Ashlee Douglas

Graduate School has begun! Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone just kept reiterating, “It’s different from undergrad”, “It’s going to be a lot of reading”. Coming from a non-communication background, I was nervous about what would be expected of me: being able to understand the concepts and to handle the workload. I just kept reminding myself that communication is something of great interest to me and I am confident that Villanova is the place of study that will help guide and strengthen my educational and professional interests.

Student Orientation weekend had arrived. We began with the first lecture, “The Communication Perspective”, by Dr. Emory Woodard It was a way to introduce the new students to the program, the faculty, and touch on the various ways that one can engage in communication studies from the theoretical to the practical. Rhetorical, Social, Critical, Performance Studies, Public Relations, the list goes on. I enjoy that aspect of the study of communication, and I am also excited that Villanova has such a diverse faculty that touch on many facets of communication.

The second day of orientation was several lectures on the expectations of graduate school, from reading, pedagogy, research, theory, and the journey from orientation to graduation. The day was filled with questions, discussions, and getting to know my classmates and some of my professors. By the end of the day, I felt less nervous about this new undertaking and a little more confident in my abilities.

I have completed my second week of classes. I know my way around a little better, I am connecting names with faces, and I’ve got my wildcard (I’m assuming that makes me an official Wildcat). I am starting off with Strategic Communication with Dr. Murray and Quantitative Research with Dr. Murray. Yes, it is a lot of reading as everyone forewarned. However, the readings are interesting and the class discussions are entertaining, so it makes it less daunting. The Villanova community has been great so far, and I am looking forward to what is to come from this experience.

Below are photos from after the Welcoming Lecture where we gave a toast and refreshments were served.

IMG474 IMG473 IMG472

For additional tips and announcements, follow the Communication Graduate Studies Department on Facebook and Twitter.

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