What can I do with a M.A. in Communication?

Why a Masters Degree?

Begin thinking about why you want a Master degree. A master’s degree can make you competitive and give you an advantage. A Bachelors today is “the equivalent of having a high school diploma 20 years ago” (The Editors).  More employers today required a Masters degree. It helps differentiate you by adding a level of skill and experience through higher education. A college master’s degree is worth $1.3 million more in lifetime earnings than a high school diploma. This can be helpful in landing the career choice that interests you.

What is degree in communication?

A degree in communication is very flexible and has a variety of focuses. Generally, a communication degree teaches students how to use important tools to communicate whether it is written or oral communication. Communication research is yet another area that communication degrees cover. Through research you will learn theoretical aspects of modern communication.

Dave Cheng, a newly enrolled student in the M.A. Communication program at Villanova  says that “I originally wanted to pursue a PhD. I even left a job with ESPN to do so until I realized the demand of such a degree and decided to just go for the masters. I want the masters because I know it will be good for my career”

Skills Acquired

While earning a master’s degree in communication, there are a variety of skills that you will encounter. Student learn leadership skills, global communication practices and the ethics of communication. These skills are applicable to many jobs in business and the nonprofit sector.  You will also learn to write effectively for multiple audiences in writing for both expert and non-expert groups. A Masters in communication will also enhance your research and presenting skills.

Career Choices

There are a many career choices. Just to name a few there is:

  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Publicist
  • Media Critic
  • Community relations
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Integrated Marketing

What is more important than these choices is to ask yourself what really interests you? From there you can decide how to apply a Master’s degree in communication to fit your needs.

Villanova University Graduate Studies in Communication

Villanova University Graduate Studies in Communication are organized around three focal concerns: principles, practices and contexts. Principles courses emphasize the overarching philosophical, ethical, and methodological issues relevant to the study and practice of communication in multiple contexts. Practices courses focus on the strategic application of communication principles to the creation of messages within particular contexts. Contexts courses concern the places, spaces, situations, and modalities within which principled communication has significant impact.

To learn about Villanova University’s Graduate program in Communication check out its Official Website.

For additional tips and announcements, follow the Communication Graduate Studies Department on Facebook and Twitter

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