Germantown Workshops Continues

By Celise Feller, Junior Communication Major

Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Honor Society, will continue their outreach to Germantown High School in Philadelphia this spring. Villanova partners with Germantown High School to help establish a relationship between differing communities. While Villanova volunteers teach students at the high school how to advance their academic careers, the students also learn how to effectively interact with others in “at risk” communities. Records show that approximately half of the Germantown students graduate from high school, and only a quarter choose to further their education at the college level. Recently, Germantown High School was removed from the most dangerous high schools in Philadelphia list.

Through the Germantown Workshops, volunteers seek to help students develop professional and public speaking skills that will be helpful to the students in their future professional and academic careers. They offer two workshops throughout the academic school year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Each workshop focuses on practical lessons that will teach the students how to prepare for the professional world; for instance, some topics include how to dress for an interview and how to effectively speak in public.

Prior to each workshop, the Villanova volunteers go through a training session so that they are prepared to lead a workshop. Once there, volunteers break the students up into small groups and lead them through a set curriculum. Students participate on a voluntary basis, which helps establish a positive atmosphere where learning is valued.

Participating in the Germantown Workshops is a very rewarding experience that benefits both the Germantown students and the volunteers from Villanova. It is a positive way to share some of the lessons and experiences that Villanova University offers to their students. Through Villanova’s partnership with Germantown High School, the participants seek to make a lasting effect on the students that will hopefully lead them to a better and brighter future.

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